Security First Merchant Services

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About Security First Merchant Services

Security First Merchant Services was founded in 2008 in response to a financial environment that made it difficult - if not impossible - for smaller companies and merchants to find affordable, accessible options for payment processing, credit repair and short-term loans.

Security First founder Greg Blackman considers small businesses as the cornerstone of the American economy. Based upon his abundance of knowledge and experience in the financial field, he identified innovative ways to reduce expenses associated with these high demand/high cost financial services.

Security First strives to maintain the highest customer satisfaction by offering fair rates and personal service. We have bundled services to assist our customers in all realms of their business finances: payment processing, small business loans and credit repair. By partnering with the best companies in the industry, Security First Merchant Services offers a single source for the most in-demand business financial services.

Security First Merchant Services offers:

Payment Processing
  • Breadth of products and services
  • In-depth knowledge of specialized business markets, including retail, restaurant, hotel, C-store, petroleum and E-commerce
  • Ability to custom-tailor products and processing programs for your unique needs
  • Approaches that help reduce risk and improve the bottom line
Credit Repair
  • Secure and 100% protected
  • Serves as a platform to obtain credit in the future
  • Permanent solution to past credit problems
Business Loans
  • Opportunity to improve credit score with successful repayment history
  • Loan approvals based on the applicant’s credit rating and guarantor
  • Interest rate of 2% over prime
  • Another option to traditional financial institutions for obtaining a competitive loan

We specialize in the following industries:

Foodservices - from fast food to fine dining establishments

Retail Outlets - convenience and grocery stores, clothing, florists, dry cleaners,
gas stations, kiosks, etc.

Taxi Cabs

Internet Merchants

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